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Bees - vital for the environmentHistorically the Building Industry does not have a good environmental reputation. Most existing buildings are inefficient in respect of energy consumption and material wastage during construction and demolition.

Sustainability, Carbon Footprints and Global Warming require actions and not words, conferences, paperwork or red tape. On behalf of my clients, I am pro-active to redress the balance wherever possible, albeit with energy efficient insulation, re-cycling or micro-generation. My projects have included sustainable drainage with reed beds and rainwater harvesting systems, the introduction of clean fuels and the installation of solar hot water systems, wind turbines, air source heat pumps and photovoltaic electrical systems.

I have been at the forefront of environmental projects for a major oil company for many years working on exercises as varied as protecting the Great Crested Newt and the first hydrogen filling station. I attempt to bring this ethos and experience to all my domestic projects.

Institute of Chartered Architectural Technologists
Chartered Architectural Technologist
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