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Planning matters by Ian PoulterWith few exceptions, most projects necessitate Planning Approval. This process involves the preparation of drawings to illustrate the size, location and style of the building and principally the use for which it is intended.

After the client's agreement to a scheme, the first formal stage of the work is to prepare and submit a Planning Application to the relevant local authority. It is also a requirement that a written Design and Access Statement is prepared to supplement the information contained within the drawings.The Planners then evaluate the suitability of the proposals against pre-determined policies prior to reaching a decision.

Planning Approvals normally incorporate several conditions; the first of which limits the time allowed for the development to be undertaken to 3 years from the date of approval. The others may relate to the provision of material samples, landscaping schemes or legally binding issues that cannot be fully addressed during the initial decision process.

It is possible to lodge an appeal with the Secretary of State for the Environment against a Planning refusal, or even against individual conditions, and, on a very few occasions, I have found it necessary to resort to this process.

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