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Measured surveys by Ian PoulterSurveying a building and how
it fits into its surroundings is one of the preliminary work stages which must be undertaken prior to the development of any proposal. Accurate dimensions and a
full understanding of the method of construction together with the general condition are essential in
order to prepare a viable and cost effective scheme.

I undertake all domestic measured surveys personally to afford me with the opportunity to not only get to understand the shape and size of the building, but also to gain an appreciation of the client's lifestyle and the requirements of the entire family.

The setting, orientation and aspect all need to be appraised and understood by the designer engaged to transform a client's brief into an actual building. The value of an accurate and thorough survey is of paramount importance and the principal reason that I provide this service in house.

Institute of Chartered Architectural Technologists
Chartered Architectural Technologist
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