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The majority of people live, work and play in buildings which serve to protect us from the weather and form part of our daily lives. Buildings, however, are much more than practical places. Since the birth of Architecture they have been regarded as things of beauty and meaning. They express the values and beliefs of the people who commissioned and designed them.

I trained in Architecture and am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. I established my Architectural Practice in 1989 with my wife, Mary, who came into the Practice from Teaching. Over the years we have undertaken in excess of 1,500 projects for both commercial and private clients.

We run our practice from our Design Studio in Tenterden. Our ethos is to provide professional, efficient and reliable Architectural Services. We have a policy of listening to our clients' specific requirements and involving them throughout the entire process. We have been told that we have a unique approach which reflects both our skills and personalities.

We hope the information under the various headings scheduled on the Home Page provides you with an insight into the diversity of the services offered by our Practice and, if you are seeking Professional Architectural Services, we will be pleased to provide you with a fee quotation.

Ian M Poulter MCIAT

Institute of Chartered Architectural Technologists
Chartered Architectural Technologist
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