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Ian Poulter wins the 2005 Alan King PrizeIn 2005 I was awarded the Alan King Prize by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists for my pioneering work on the first Hydrogen Filling Station in the United Kingdom.

This innovative and ground-breaking project was not only technically complex but also necessitated significant attention to both Health and Safety. I worked alongside some very talented specialist consultants and consider it an honour to have been part of this very knowledgable team.

Hydrogen filling station at HornchurchThe site was constructed in Hornchurch, Essex, alongside the busy A127 and in close proximity to housing, schools and a hotel and, therefore, the approval and design stages were extremely involved.

On completion, the facility functioned satisfactorily and serviced four coaches running in London as part of a European experimental project. The site, which was decommissioned at the end of the experimental period, is believed to have been the first underground liquid hydrogen facility in the world.

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