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Design work by Ian PoulterThe design process is often significantly undervalued and generally neglected. So many great opportunities are lost. I, however, always endeavour to find the very best design solution

The purpose for which the building is to be used, the client's lifestyle or business requirements together with the location, surroundings and orientation must all be taken into consideration at the design stage.

Added to this, due consideration must be given to the complex inter-relationship of the regulations, rules, codes and approvals that are necessary in the world today. And all the time the limitations of cost, time and, of course, gravity, must be constantly balanced.

Every new project brings with it a different set of issues; some are familiar and some unique. All must be addressed if a practicable solution is to be achieved.

I undertake all design work myself liaising with clients throughout the process fully appreciating that the final choice must be theirs, however, acknowledging that my input can significantly enhance the environment in which we all live and work. A challenge which I enjoy.

Institute of Chartered Architectural Technologists
Chartered Architectural Technologist
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