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Contract administration by Ian PoulterMost people undertake a building project only once and can be daunted by the prospect of appointing a builder and managing the project alone. It is, however, customary to engage the designer to assist in this procedure and act as a guide from start to finish.

As part of the overall service we provide, I am able to liaise with contractors, obtain competitive tenders and administer the Building Contract as work proceeds on site. This includes the preparation of a detailed specification together with all necessary Contract documentation. Meetings and site inspections are held prior to commencement and on a regular basis throughout the work with minutes to record all aspects of the project as it progresses and the numerous decisions taken by all parties.

At this level my services include checking valuations and certifying stage payments as work proceeds together with checking and negotiating the contractor's final account. The JCT Standard Form of Contract used incorporates provision for a retention to be held typically for a period of six months, after which I re-inspect the work and will only release the final 2.5% after the contractor has rectified any issues to my satisfaction.

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