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Building regulations work by Ian PoulterBuilding Regulations compliance is the second stage of the local authority approval process and is generally undertaken after Planning Approval has been granted.

At this stage the Planning drawings are augmented by another set which fully details all the materials and methods of construction proposed together with the exact size and shape of all elements including the foundations, the walls, the roof, the floors, the stairs, the windows and the insulation. The structural integrity may also require calculations to justify either the type of foundations and the structural frame or individual beams.

The environmental impact of a building is considered at this stage consisting of its energy efficiency, insulation and methods of providing hot water and heating. These are detailed drawings from which builders are sometimes able to prepare accurate quotations on smaller projects.

Once again my office is able to prepare and detail most forms of domestic construction suitable for submission under these Regulations. It is, however, necessary in some instances, to appoint specialist Structural and Energy Consultants to provide the complex calculations now required prior to undertaking any building work.

Other legislation also exists and must be addressed on most projects and my office can advise and assist on most matters relating to the Party wall Acts, CDM, Health and Safety, Advertisement Applications, the discharging of Planning Conditions and Written Appeals.



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